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Are you interested in our Arts Program?

Hosted by Shining Bright Preschool, GEMS is an Arts Program where children sharpen their God-given talents. The program features piano, ukelele and art. 

We believe we are made in God's image. As such, we bear God's creative characteristics. We believe it's important to give children the tools to explore and refine their talents in order to worship God and act as co-creators in bringing His kingdom to life everywhere they go.

Singing, Worship & Dance COMING SOON!

* Enrollment in preschool NOT required to join*

Call us at (904) 743-1375 or email us at  and ask how to apply!

Arts Scholarship Program

We are proud to introduce  our new Arts Scholarship Program! Scholarships will be awarded to qualified students. To learn more information, visit our GEMS Scholarship page.

Scholarship application COMING SOON!



Keyboard Tots

This class is specially designed for our younger students at the early age of 3 who show an interest in playing the piano. The main purpose of this class is for students to engage in fun activities that will help tune their ear in listening, and echoing games. Students will also get prepared in learning piano basics to become ready for Pre-Twinkle.

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Keyboard Explorers: Pre-Twinkle

Our Pre-Twinkle piano class are designed for our students between the ages of 3 and 4. Pre-twinkle is considered the introductory course where students will be learning the common twinkle rhythms. Coupled with sight reading games in recognizing these rhythms in notation form, playing techniques and basic music theory, students will engage in fun musical activities to help retention, endurance building and more! Upon completion of this class, students will give a  performance and receive their pre-twinkle graduation certificate. 

Keyboard Explorers: Book One (Level 1)

Keyboard Explorers:
Book One (Level 2)

Students who have successfully completed Pre-Twinkle will move on to Level 1 of the Book One piano program! Students in this course will begin to learn the melody of classical songs such as Honey Bee, Cuckoo, and more! Students will gain the opportunity in learning the first phase of playing hands together.  

Our Level 2 Book One course is a continuation of Level 1. Once students have mastered playing the melody of classical songs, they will begin to learn and incorporate the chords  as well as coupling with sight reading. Students will then transition into learning a finger pattern called "Alberti Bass" as well as incorporating into classical songs.



In this class students will explore the wondrous ways of the ukelele. Students will get to learn and name the parts of this instrument as well as learning the names of the strings. Practice makes perfect in learning the different chords and the ways of transitioning! Students will get to learn basic songs as well as strumming techniques and other basics.



Inspired Art

In this class, students will get to put their imagination to the test! Students will be inspired by a theme-based scripture and will be encouraged to make the word of God come to life. Students are encouraged to incorporate what they see, hear, and feel into their creations. The purpose of this class is for students to learn art basics, how to prep their station & more! They will learn how art applies to the bible, how to hear the voice of God and incorporate Him into their paintings.


Tiny Creators

This class is made perfect for the little ones ages 3-5! Children in these ages are still exploring the world around them so they will explore the different forms of art such as: clay, charcoal, acrylic painting, watercolor and more! Class will be coupled with fun music and snacks according to the theme of the day!


Artistic Blooming Creators

Calling all new young emerging artists!  Children ages 6 and up  will learn art basics such as learning the color wheel, tone, etc. coupled with fun learning activities. They will also be exploring the different forms of art such as: clay, charcoal, acrylic painting, watercolor and more! Class will be coupled with fun music and snacks according to the theme of the day as well as fun dress participation!