Suzuki Piano

The Suzuki Method was created more than fifty years ago by Japanese violinist Shinichi Suzuki. Suzuki realized how easy it was for children to learn to speak their native language and decided to apply the same principles to learning music, calling it his “mother-tongue” approach.

The method's important attributes include the use of listening, repetition, encouragement, parent involvement and learning along with other children. 


The Suzuki method uses a “graded repertoire” of mostly folk music, which introduces children to musical concepts such as rhythm, pitch, and dynamic expression. It emphasizes good piano technique and joyful performance. Note reading is introduced as the child reaches certain musical milestones in their journey

For more information on what the Suzuki method is and how it can help your child prepare for a more in-depth musical learning experience, please follow this link to the Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA) website. 

For all other questions and concerns please don’t hesitate to email our AMAZING Suzuki piano teacher and Music Director, Erica Manses at or you can contact Shining Bright Preschool at 904-743-1375. 

*Note: If your child has in interest in playing the Guitar and/or Ukulele, please contact Erica Manses for any questions.


Erica Manses - Director of Music

Teaching the next generation is the heart of Erica Manses. She was introduced to the Suzuki Method over 20 years ago when her sons were taking music lessons at Pittsburgh Music Academy in Carnegie, Pa. Prior to that time, she majored in piano with a guitar minor, while earning her degree in Music Education from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pa. She also spent years teaching families of young children and administrating teacher training workshops throughout the North East US for Kindermusik.

Since moving to Jacksonville Florida, Erica earned her Florida’s Director Credential for Child Care Programs and focused her energy teaching early childhood education and directing an after school program for a local faith-based non-profit. 

In addition to being the Director of Music and Shining Bright Preschool, Erica Manses leads worship on the piano and guitar for Arlington Aglow and Elim Messianic Congregation.