Art Studios




Welcome to our new Art Studios!

This new addition to Shining Bright Preschool will give children and their families an opportunity to experience different forms of creative art and expression! The Studios create an atmosphere that facilitates and encourages children to create and express the unique talents given to them by God. 


The studios focus on music education, Suzuki Piano, storytelling and Spanish Language Arts.  

Coming Soon to the Art Studios: Dance and Praise & Worship!

For times and prices, refer to the "Studios Schedule" page or give us a call at 904-743-1375 to schedule a class today!




~Musical Story Time~

Are you ready for a special musical story time experience with your child? Parent and child bonds are one of the most important factors in a child’s growth and development and are very crucial to forming and keeping a long lasting relationship with your child. Families with children 18 months and up will gather together for a musical experience with a focus on music and literacy. Be prepared to move, sing, learn and play instruments while learning about a special theme each month! Each class concludes with “Tent Time” which is a peaceful time for you and your child to bond, relax, breathe and enjoy God’s presence. Musical Story Time is a 45-minute class for one child and one adult.

~ Keyboard Explorers~

Has your child shown interest in learning the piano? Keyboard Explorers utilizes the Suzuki method where children learn an instrument naturally, the same way they learn to speak.  Students have a shared repertoire and learn through listening, imitation, and games. Keyboard Explorers consists of a weekly private lesson with a maximum of 15 minutes coupled with a small group class and is designed primarily for children ages 4-7.  Note-reading is introduced once the child is ready.  *Parents, you play an important role in the process, therefore continued education and tools are provided so you can assist your child to be successful and enjoy the learning experience!  


*Note: If your child is under the age of 4 and wants to learn to play the piano, please call the studio to arrange for a readiness assessment.  For any additional information and questions, please don’t hesitate to call Ms. Erica.


~Language Arts~


~Spanish 1~

Our Spanish 1 class is expertly designed to teach children in kindergarten and early elementary school Spanish through fun and meaningful experiences. Children will still get to play and explore in Spanish, but will also receive formal education in reading and writing at their own



~Inspired Art~

Inspired Art is an art class designed to bring creative artistic expression using paint and other mediums. Children's paintings, clay sculptures, etc., will be based upon a specific scripture verse every class! The idea of this class is for children to bring forth what each scripture means to them by making it come alive through their own unique, artistic expression! Children will be creating with classical music in the background to further enhance each child's own individual creativity! This class is made for children ages 5 and up and will be hosted the first and second Thursday of each month.