Our Preschool

Soaring Eagles

 Welcome to our VPK classroom! Our soaring eagles are engaged in all the tools needed to ensure they are completely ready to take off and land land in  Kindergarten. Consisting of a math, science, art, house-living, building, writing and reading center, our students have all that they need in order to make their VPK school year a success and one to remember!

Little Lambs


Our little lambs are just beginning exploring a new and colorful environment, making first friendships that'll last for years! Students in this class have a whole lot of creative, structure-filled fun! From singing and dancing, doing arts & crafts, to fumbling and tumbling, their little world has just begun!


Bumble Bees


Welcome to the class that houses our 3 and 4 year-olds! These little bees have transitioned from the toddler world and are working their way into becoming soaring eagles! On a daily basis, students engage in manipulatives to help sharpen their fine motor skills, fun art crafts, giant legos and blocks, and a food truck to travel the world!