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Camps 2022-2023

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Spanish, Music, Suzuki Piano & Art in a Faith-based Environment!

Children will enjoy Suzuki Piano, Art, Spanish, Bible & Worship accompanied by faith-based weekly themes, famous artists, games, pajama parties, water days, luaus and more!

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Ages 5-10


June 5 - August 11

*Extended Care Available*

See Summer Camp Flyer HERE

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P: (904) 743-1375


Weekly Themes

Each week will be packed with activities, art projects and more according to the weekly theme!

Week 1: June 5-10 (Basics/Who We Are in the Lord)

Spanish: Vowels and Consonants, Letter Sounds, Word Formation & Speaking, Spanish Bingo and more!

Piano: Black Keys & White Keys, Percussion & Strings, Create a Piano, Piano Alphabet, Private Lessons along with fun games and activities!

Bible/Worship: Ephes. 2:10, 1 Corinth. 3:16, Ps. 139:13-14

Art: Kadinsky - Lines, 2D/3D shapes, Basic Drawing Techniques, Abstract, Collages and more!

Week 2: June 12-16 (Basics/You Have A Purpose)

Spanish: Continued Practice of Letters, Numbers, Numerical Position, Ordinal Numbers with fun games and activities!

Piano: Finger Numbers, Hand Techniques, Playing Styles, Sitting Position, Playing Up & Down the Hill, Intro to Different Playing Rhythms and more!

Bible/Worship: Romans 8:28, Ephes. 1:11, Jer. 29:11

Art: Worhol - Primary/Secondary Colors, Mixing, Shades and Tones, Pop Art Creation, Negative/Positive Space, Warm/Cool Colors - Fun Art Activities to incorporate their learning of each skill! 

Week 3: June 19-23 (Basics/Meaningful Colors)

Spanish: Continued Practice of Letters & Numbers, Intro to Colors with fun

games and activities!

Piano: Learn Four Piano Rhythms, Ear Training - Listening/Echoing, Intro to Rhythm Notation Form - Accompanied with fun musical games and activities!

Bible/Worship: Gen. 9:13,  Ex. 24:10, Mat. 17:2, Rev. 1:14

Art: Matisse - Learn what the: colors mean in the Bible, apply color theory to create meaningful abstract art, incorporate Spanish and Musical learning into art projects - individual and group projects! 

Week 4: June 26-30 (God Created the Earth Part 1)

Spanish: All About Nature - Applying Letters, Colors & Numbers to the World Around 

Us. Sky, Trees, Oceans/Rivers, Rain - with fun games and activities!

Piano: Quarter, Half, & Whole Notes, Piano Staff, Time Signature, Applying Rhythms in Notations Form, Creating Songs - musical relay races with fun games and activities!

Bible/Worship:   Gen. 1:1-31

Art: Monet - Apply Color, Lines, 2D/3D shapes and Techniques to Process Painting: 

Create a Nature Scene, Outside Landscape Painting, Art Charades and other fun art activities!

Week 5: July 3-7 (God Created the Earth Part 2) *CLOSED JULY 4*

Spanish: All About Nature - Applying Letters, Colors & Numbers to the World Around 

Us. Fish, Animals, Seasons of the Year - with fun games and activities!

Piano: Learning Classical Songs - Mary Had a Little Lamb, Chords, C Position, Scales, Learning Left Hand Playing Rhythms and Applying it to Songs 

Bible/Worship:  Heb. 11:3, Col. 1:16, Isa. 45:12

Art: O'Keefe - What Kind of Flower Are You Art, Flower Collages, Painting With Real Flowers using Watercolor, Gold Leaves Learning and Application and more!

Week 6: July 10-14 (Created in God's Image Part 1)

Spanish: You, Me & Our Family - Family Nouns (Mother, Father, Aunt, Baby, etc.) - Family Play Acting and more fun games and activities!

Piano: Learning Classical Songs - Lightly Row, Stepping/Skipping Notes, Continual Practice with Scales and Left Hand Chords

Bible/Worship:  Gen. 2:7, Gen. 1:27, 2 Corinth. 3:18

Art: Picasso - Portraits Part 1 - Drawing Basic, Forms, Positioning, Practice Drawing Eyes, Nose & Mouth - Children will incorporate what they learned from Bible/Worship in this class (Acceptance of different shapes, shades and sizes in us all!) - Picasso based art projects and other art activities!

Week 7: July 17-21 (Created in God's Image Part 2)

Spanish: You, Me & Our Family - Emotional Words (Happy, Sad, Excited, etc.), Skills & Hobbies - Spanish Charades and more fun games and activities!

Piano: Apply What They Learned to Learning the "Waymaker" Worship Song

Bible/Worship:  1 Corinth. 15:49, Ephes. 4:24, Psalm 139:14

Art: Picasso - Portraits Part 2 - Applying what we learned and work on self portraits! Accompanied by music and scripture based positive affirmations of who they are in the Lord. Children will learn to embrace themselves and others as God's Creation!

Week 8: July 24-28 (Unity in the Lord)

Spanish: Our Community -  Nouns for occupation (Police, Dentist, Doctor, Etc.), 

Piano: Apply What They Learned to Learning the "Let It Rain" Worship Song 

Bible/Worship:  Psalm 133:1, 2 Corinth. 13:11, Gal. 3:28, Romans 12:4-5

Art: Seruat - Designing/Creating Their Own Ministries, 

Week 9: July 31-Aug 4 (Unity in the Lord & Loving Others)

Spanish: Our Community -  Nouns for occupation (Police, Dentist, Doctor, Etc.), 

Piano: Children will apply all that they know and create their own worship musical ensemble!

Bible/Worship:  Col. 3:14, 1 Peter 3:8, 1 Corinth. 13:4-8

Art: Van Gogh - Children will learn to work together in a group project and create art based upon what it means to love others!

Week 10: Aug 7-11 (Unity in the Lord & Giving)

Spanish: Our Community -  Nouns for occupation (Police, Dentist, Doctor, Etc.), 

Piano: Continue creating their own worship musical ensemble and create a live show on the last day of camp!

Bible/Worship:  Romans 12:16, Acts 4:32,  2 Corinth. 9:6-8. Prov. 19:17

Art: Seruat - Children will have learned about giving and the power of prayer and will have the opportunity to create a special painting to spread love, joy and hope to those who are homeless and are in recovery! Upon completion, children will pray and secure the paintings with the Word of God. These paintings will go to the homeless shelter as well as mental health facilities to their residents!

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